What’s going to be happening in our County
and opportunities further afield?

Sat 20th - Global Quest @Bull River

On Saturday 20th May, 21 teams of Guides and Senior Section from across the county will be taking part in a ‘Global Quest’.
Starting¬† out at Bull River they will navigate the local footpaths and take on various challenges to circumnavigate ‘the globe’.

In a world of times gone by,
In a basket that can fly,
Around the world in 80days,
adventurers will explore (in teams of up to four) It's a race and it's a quest, As always, we're here to do our best.

The day begins at 10am, girls begin in the land of Oz. They'll need to earn points at the challenge stations to buy their helium balloon which represents their mode of transport for the day. Teams will 'take off' in their hot air balloons from 10.30 at staggered intervals and make their way to each continent where they'll complete activities which challenge the senses, require code breaking, building 'ancient' dwellings (lat. tents) and pioneering each themed around the culture on where theirs hot air balloon lands.

As the journeys between continents are so long the fuel canisters which power their balloons will need topping up at each station. Points earned on successful completion represent fuel canisters which allow them to continue on their journey. Teams will need to work together and navigate on their way around the world. As with all circumnavigation quests it is a competition and there will be a trophy awarded to the team with the most points.

This event is run by the county Outdoors team and there a badge for successful completion!

June :
Sat 17th - Sailing and windsurfing @Buzz, Eastbourne

July :
Sat/Sun 1st/2nd - Guide and Senior Section overnight camp to activity day @Picketts Wood
Wed/Thur 5th/6th - Paddleboarding @Cuckmere

For more information about these events please ask your leader, visit the member pages or contact info@girlguidingsussexeast.org.uk